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5th Generation Family-Owned Farm

Welcome to Pleasant Dawn Farms! 


Founded in 1882, Pleasant Dawn Farms got its name from our great grandma Hatch, who during her morning Bible reading, she would look outside to the east and thought how pleasant of a dawn it was, and ever since we call it Pleasant Dawn Farms.

The Hatch Family started with a vision of integrity, with our motto being “Quality in Quantity”. This title proves to be quite appropriate for what we strive for, identifying high standards of excellence. We demand that our animals perform to these standards.

Trent & Ashley and family together are passionate about our industry. We raise purebred Charolais white and red factor breeding stock for their top notch feed conversions, whether on the pasture or feed lot. It always pays to have easy fleshing cattle and Charolais have the ability to infuse any breed.


Every seed stock selection is used with a vision of confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see yet.


We are located 6 miles south of Oak Lake, Manitoba, off #1 Highway.



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